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Transforming the energy sector

Vivid technology and social trends shape the future of the energy sector. Entra Energy’s purpose is to bring this future now, by providing smart solutions for the transformation, digitization and democratization of the energy sector. 

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Our focus


RES development

Entra Energy has been successfully developing RES in Europe for more than 10 years across all renewable sources - solar, hydro and wind. Our team has developed more than 200 MW in Bulgaria and around 1 GW in Europe.

RES investments

Driven by our business strategy and ambitions to support the transformation of the energy system, Entra Energy is developing our investment portfolio and the team experience in the fields of renewables, batteries, smart grid and energy efficiency.

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Innovations in energy

Entra Energy's R&D focus is to contribute to shaping the energy system of the future. We are developing novel solutions partnering with leading scientific and business organisations across EU, our pivotal projects are supported by Horizon 2020 programs.

Entra Energy

Entra Energy EOOD is an independent developer and producer of renewable energy that owns and operates wind and hydro power plants in Bulgaria.


Entra Energy has been investing in renewable energy adding clean, environmentally friendly wind, solar and hydro to support the transformation of the energy system. In 2017 we invested in a LED lighting solutions company in Bulgaria, diversifying our investment portfolio toward energy efficiency.


We have under development wind and solar projects in Bulgaria. Our small team has 10+ years of experience in the energy sector with more than 1 GW of RES developed in the EU. 

Since 2018 the company’s innovation and R&D activities have been focused on the development of smart grid by leveraging on IoT, blockchain, crowdfunding, cyber security and new technologies. Entra Energy is making research and development in the domain of renewable energy sources with the purpose of building smarter, more flexible and adaptable grids to the benefit of evolving the energy markets. ​

The team

"The energy industry is changing and in turn, we must continue setting the bar higher for ourselves so that we continue mastering our performance in transforming the energy system so as to enable its transition to a fully decarbonized, democratized and digitalized energy sector."

Georgi Manev

Driving research & innovation

Responsible for all R&D activities and carrying out all company technic projects. 

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Ralitsa Rumenova

Driving innovation & implementation

Extensive experience in managing technology and new media projects in different phases.

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Verzhinia Ivanova

Navigating project execution

Responsible for seamless implementation and administration of project execution.

Burst of Light

Energy efficiency team

More than 10 team members across Bulgaria that have engineering and technical knowledge and expertise.

AI Lab and CAD Systems

R&D and energy innovations

Through our partnership with the AI Lab of Sofia Tech Park and TUS, we are working with a highly innovative technological team.

Wind Turbines on Water

Operation and maintenance

Small team of three, responsible for the seamless operation and maintenance of power plants across Bulgaria.





10+ years operating in energy sector 

RES projects developed in EU

Owned projects in operation

Horizon 2020 Innovation projects

Our business domains

Our business domains

R&D and Innovations

Entra Energy's goal is to contribute to paving the way to a 100% renewably powered grid through making the individual producers, consumers, grids and markets smarter, more flexible and adaptive.

Partnering with leading EU technology providers, universities and research centers, Entra Energy is developing innovative solutions in the areas of renewables, smart grid and energy efficiency.


Together with the Laboratory of Artificial intelligence of Sofia Tech Park, Entra Energy is creating new technologies and services using  IoT and AI.  

​Entra Energy in collaboration with leading technology , scientific and business organisations is developing novel scientific solutions financed under the European programme - Horizon 2020. ​


RES Development

Entra Energy and its team, together and separately, have been part of the development and execution of a number of renewable projects with more than 1000MW installed in Europe.

Entra Energy provides the full spectrum of services, related to the development and execution of renewable energy projects in the EU.


Our scope of expertise includes:

  • Site hunting and procurement - optimized for project development speed and project efficency

  • Permits - fast, sustainable and world-class quality 

  • Route to market and financing - bringing the projects to Ready-to-Build stage

  • Construction management and EPC for PV

  • Commercial operation of PV and Wind

We are currently developing wind project "Atlas 80MW" in the most wind resourceful area of Bulgaria. 

RES Development

Our investments

Our investments

Entra Wind

Our first wind farm was built and commissioned in 2012, in line with Bulgarian and EU energy strategy for increasing the share of distributed renewables generation in the generation mix of Bulgaria and Europe.

Located in South East Bulgaria, near the city of Sliven in Stara Planina Mountain, the wind farm  is built on top of the mountain reach. It consists of 2 Vestas V90 wind turbines with total install capacity of 4MWs and provides clean energy to more than 2000 homes annually.


PV Quantum

In partnership with leading Bulgarian photovoltaic company PV Consult Ltd, PV Quantum develops PV projects in Bulgaria.


PV Quantum's main activity is the development, construction and service of small and medium projects for renewable energy. 


Our priority is the construction of photovoltaic power plants as solar is a fast growing business making use of proven technologies. ​ ​

HPP Lenishta

Located in South Eeast Bulgaria near the town of Belitsa in the Rila Mountain, Lenishta is a hydro power plant with installed capacity of 500 kW. 


Developed since 2011 and commercially operated since 2015,​ the power plant is fully automated, equipped with IoT sensors, devices and software for distant monitoring and control. ​HPP Lenishta generates clean and renewable energy while improving the irrigation and farming conditions for the local population.


InnoLED is a supplier of high quality LED luminaries and custom control systems, one of the fastest developing companies for LED lighting in Bulgaria.


Entra Energy invested in the company in 2017 and has been part of its journey ever since.

InnoLED provides a full portfolio of services, starting with site visits, calculations and simulations of the needed lighting, consultations for the most appropriate lighting for you, delivery, installation and after-sales service.

Our projects

Our network

Our network

Entra Energy now takes part in the FLEXI-GRID project that will demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and innovative flexible markets.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No. 864048

"Over the last few years, the energy system has undergone a huge transformation in the transition from traditional, fossil energy sources (coal, gas and nuclear power plants) to cleaner and greener energy sources such as wind, water and solar."

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